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Predicting the Cal depth chart on offense. Who will start at quarterback?

The questions!

University of California v University of Hawaii - College Football Sydney Cup Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images

Not too much of note happened from the California Golden Bears fall practice. Here’s Justin Wilcox’s presser below.

Let’s do some depth charting.

All starters in bold, followed by the twos, followed by the threes.

Quarterback: Ross Bowers, Chase Forrest, Chase Garbers.

I envision this decision gets made later this week or early next week, but from all I’ve heard Bowers is just slightly ahead of Forrest and will end up winning this job. If he doesn’t win the job, I still feel like Bowers can win it later in the season.

The Brandon McIlwain situation is interesting. McIlwain is getting a ton of reps this fall despite supposedly not being eligible. But on the other hand McIlwain isn’t really doing a ton with the 1s at this point, so it’s unclear if he’s really in consideration. I’m going to presume he’ll be sitting out this season.

The one to watch for the future is Garbers. I doubt Garbers plays a snap this season (keep that redshirt ready and rolling), but he’s already catching the attention of the coaches.

Running back: Tre Watson, Vic Enwere, Patrick Laird, Zion Echols, Derrick Clark

This is an extremely boring battle. Watson is going to be primary back, Enwere the next reps. The interesting battle is for who gets the rest of the reps. Will Echols be used as an offensive weapon? Will Laird go out and be a power back?

Left tackle: Patrick Mekari, Henry Bazakas

Left guard: Kamryn Bennett, Valentino Daltoso

Center: Addison Ooms, Ryan Gibson.

Right guard: Semisi Uluave, Tanner Prenovost

Right tackle: Jake Curhan, JD Hinnant.

Steve Greatwood is going to earn his keep this year. If anyone of the five Cal starters goes down, the offense is in danger of being finished from the snap. Cal has no backups with even the slightest bit of experience, and that unit can quickly start burning redshirts if it’s not careful.

The hype around Curhan seems legit. There’s more uncertainty with Uluave and Bennett, who could be the difference between a legit run attack and a 3rd-and-long offense. But the drop-off beyond that has to be significant.

Valentino Daltoso was a right guard for Oregon last year, but ended up transferring to Cal. I’m not even sure if he can play due to transfer rules. Henry Bazakas is a local walk-on. Michael Saffell and Poutasi Poutasi are potential options after that, but that is it. The Bears have to make do with what little they have.

Wide receiver 1: Demetris Robertson, Jordan Veasy, Taariq Johnson, Greyson Bankhead

Wide receiver 2: Melquise Stovall, Kanawai Noa, Jordan Duncan, Alex Netherda

Wide receiver 3: Vic Wharton III, Brandon Singleton, Jeremiah Hawkins, Matt Rockett

What unbelievable depth Cal enjoys at wideout. You could rotate the top six liberally and still have potentially top 20 receiving talent in college football. The bigger questions are (a) Will their quarterback be able to get them the ball and (b) will their quarterback have time to get them the ball.

Tight end: Ray Hudson, Jake Ashton, Kyle Wells

Hudson finally gets to play his position. Took Cal long enough.

Cal fans, what do you think of this depth chart? What differences do you see.