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Previewing North Carolina’s Zone Run Game

Cal-UNC 2017

In the following video, I break down North Carolina’s 2-back Outside Zone play, which was one of their go-to runs last season. To see how this play might work against our defense, I reviewed UNC’s 2016 games against Virginia and Stanford, who ran a lot of looks similar to what we saw from our own defense in the Spring Game.

In the video, I go through the way that this play is schemed up against a 3-4 defense, and show video of what is required to stop it from the alignments that we’re likely to use. I also talk a little bit about how this play fits into and characterizes their offense as a whole.

If you like the video format—and especially if you prefer it to the write-ups that I’ve done—let me know in a comment and I’ll do more of this stuff in the future. Go Bears!