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Watch: Micole Cayton hits crazy circus shot FROM THE FUTURE

Will it be good enough for the SportsCenter top 10?


Some time after 9:00 pm on Saturday night, Cal fans who tuned in to the live stream of the WBB game against NZ Premier saw Mi’Cole Cayton hit a shot sometime after 4:00 PM on Sunday afternoon. It was literally the FUTURE OF BASKETBALL:

In the hierarchy of HORSE shots, the sitting-on-the-ground shot ranks right up there with the bounce shot, the off-arm free throw, and the over-the-backboard shot. It’s a classic.

It’s also something you’re not supposed to actually be able to pull off in live game action. But that didn’t stop Mi’Cole Cayton, who was probably fouled on the drive, but still had the presence of mind to get the rebound while lying on her back, then figured out how to get the ball up and into the hoop. The Bears would emerge with a 77-69 win in the exhibition contest.

Cal will play two more games while in New Zealand and Australia (while also visiting Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef, and Sydney) as they prepare for the upcoming season and school year.