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Rules for Being a Cal Football Fan

You've made the mistake of being a Cal Football fan. I'm sorry. Despite this great shame, there are still rules you must follow.

NCAA Football: Texas at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

HydroTech: It's a new football season and a new California Golden Bears Football coaching era. What better way to start off this exciting time by revisiting the rules of being a Cal Football fan when you attend a game at Kabam Memorial Stadium!

I'll start first.

Rule #1: Wear blue. It's sort of a shame that this even has to be stated, but a lot of Cal fans don't wear blue to the home game! If you—for some reason—don't have a blue Cal shirt to wear, then go buy/borrow one! If you—for some really unknown and pathetic reason—can't get a blue shirt, then wearing a gold shirt is acceptable too, although blue is preferred. You shall not wear red, green, white or some other godawful colored Cal shirt. (I'm mostly directing this comment to TwistNHook, but it applies to everyone!)

Rule #2: Be loud when Cal is on defense! Make some noise! Yell. Whistle. Bang on something. Crowd noise while Cal is on defense makes it more difficult for the opposing players on offense to hear the QB's cadence and commands. Offenses will sometimes get around the crowd noise issue by using a silent count. Either way, crowd noise pumps up the defensive players and gives the home team a distinct advantage. Bonus: yelling works out your abs, too. So get your workout in while you support Cal Football!

Rule #3: Be silent, like a ninja, while Cal is on offense. Don't make ANY noise. I know you'll often want to cheer the team to get that critical 3rd or 4th–down conversion by yelling something uplifting and positive to the players. Remember, the players on offense will likely be listening to the QB's cadence or for an audible. So it's important that the stadium is quiet enough so they can hear what is going on. There is nothing worse than a drive-killing false start by the offense, in its own stadium, due to their own fans being too loud.

boomtho: I love this topic! Here's a couple others I'd add:

Rule #4: Be nice—don't be a USC fan. I'm guessing most of us have had a bad experience at at least one away game. I've had a couple notable ones—someone at USC (in the Coliseum parking lot) threw a beer at me (missed thankfully) and called me a terrorist. In another incident at OSU, someone told our group to go back to Iraq (for the record, not that it matters, I was born in California). Don't be that person and don't be a dick.

Rule #5: Enjoy the Cal band! Using halftime as a break to grab a Top Dog and use the bathrooms means you may miss out on a great performance. Support the students in band like you do our student athletes!

Rule #6: Don't boo injuries. Like seriously, just don't boo injuries. Even if you think you had the PERFECT angle and saw the opposing player wink right before he went down... this is a game AND the stadium has gotten it wrong before (like the Texas game). Hold your tongue and clap anyone that goes down off the field.

TwistNHook: Is it still called Kabam Field?

Berkelium97: Rule #7: Don't call it Kabam Field.

TwistNHook: What should we call it, then?

Avinash: TwistNHook Drum Solo Field.

Piotr T Le: Rule #8: Be respectful of the staff in the stadium. You might be having fun, but it is work for them, so treat them like you would like to be treated at work!

Avinash: Rule #9: Also ignore them all if they stop you from sitting anywhere in the stadium. I deserve a stadium club seat just as much as the Haas Family!