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How does Under Armour look on the Cal Olympic sports?

First glimpses.

Cal men’s soccer in Under Armour.

You’ve gotten the look of the California Golden Bears football squad in Under Amour. With the basketball reveal on the horizon, here’s a look at the other fall sports debuting their new looks coming this fall.

Here’s Cal men’s soccer sporting Under Amour blue trim.

Cal women’s soccer gives us a glimpse of an alternate gold uniform.

Cal volleyball showcases what Cal will look in a t-shirt style all-white.

Cal fans, what are your thoughts on all these different looks from the Bears? I have to say that at the moment I’m liking the Under Armour style for Olympic sports way better than what our student-athletes got with Nike. It’s far from perfect, but it could be far worse.

Cal kicked off a ten-year deal with Under Armour this past spring. This will be Cal’s look for quite some time.

Leave your thoughts in the comments about these new looks.