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Cal returns the second least experienced offensive line in college football

That seems bad.

Stanford v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Usually, one of the biggest indicators to success is an experienced, polished offensive line. It’s just much easier to get an offense flowing and going.

That maxim will be challenged for the California Golden Bears next season. Cal has a very inexperienced line, up and down the board.

Phil Steele ranked the most experienced offensive lines by starts. Cal ended up on the other side. The Bears ranked 126th in the nation, bottom five overall, with 25 starts in all by the returning linemen.

Then Dwayne Wallace was disassociated from the program.

Wallace was the starting right guard last year. He comprised 12 of those 25 starts.

That drops Cal down to 13 starts in this rotation (mostly from Addison Ooms, with a spot start or two from Patrick Mekari). That is next-to-last, only ahead of Arkansas State’s two.

  • Cal will break in Mekari at left tackle. His backup is walk-on Henry Bazakas.
  • Cal puts in backup Kamryn Bennett at left guard. Semisi Uluave will have to replace Wallace. That leaves Cal with freshmen as backup guards.
  • Ooms is the starting Cal center (the only remaining starter). Ryan Gibson backs him up.
  • Jake Curhan starts at right tackle. The coaching staff seems satisfied enough there.

That is not to say an experienced offensive line is necessarily a good offensive line. But the Golden Bears really need that line to perform well, especially when breaking in a new quarterback in either Chase Forrest or Ross Bowers.