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Aaron Rodgers wears a Cal hat

This is not really a story. But it is!

Aaron Rodgers

In my research of the California Golden Blogs visitor trending habits, I’ve discovered a propensity for a particular type of post doing extremely well with our viewing base.

  • A new California Golden Bears uniform or shoe unveiling.
  • Someone (or something) from Stanford looking especially foolish.
  • Aaron Rodgers doing something Cal-related.

So in the spirit of giving the Cal nation what they want, here is Aaron Rodgers wearing a Cal hat.

Rodgers was recently in the Bay Area and actually took some time out to visit the UC Berkeley campus and Cal coach Justin Wilcox. Rodgers seems to be all in on the new coaching regime, which can hopefully mean that the frost that has existed between the Cal quarterback and his university is coming to an end.

Rodgers wearing a Cal has barely anything to do with what he’s saying in this video (in fact, I have no idea what is happening in this video). But for Cal fans, it’s everything.

I hope you are satisfied. Happy 4th of July!