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Justin Wilcox Announces Four Cal Players Will Miss 2017 Season Due to Injuries

Per Rob Hwang and the Pac-12 Media Day

University of California v University of Hawaii - College Football Sydney Cup Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images

Tough losses for the California Golden Bears before the season even starts. Two rotation defenders and two other players are out for the 2017 season, announced head coach Justin Wilcox at Pac-12 Media Day.

The loss of Zeandae Johnson and Evan Rambo will affect the defense greatly as Johnson was a standout in the spring game while Rambo was making a name for himself in 2016 before his injury.

Running back Billy McCrary also figured to be a potential rotation runner and returner. Offensive lineman Daniel Juarez being out further causes issues for Cal’s overall offensive line depth.

Cal fans, your thoughts?