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What moment would you change in Cal football history?

So many. So, so many.

California Golden Bears v USC Trojans

HydroTech: For me, this is easy. I'm going back to the 2004 Cal vs. USC game. In the final minute of the game, #7-ranked Cal was in the red zone and only a few yards away from scoring a go-ahead touchdown (and likely game-winning touchdown) against #1 USC. My change to this moment would be Jonathan Makonnen not slipping in the end zone on that fateful 4th-down pass. I still believe that if he did not slip on that post route, that he would have caught Aaron Rodgers' pass for a touchdown, and Cal would have gone to its first Rose Bowl since 1959.

atomsareenough: Yep, first and goal at USC in 2004 is mine. Easily. We go to the Rose Bowl if we score that TD.

mpeters10: I'd have to go to 2007 when we beat Oregon in the Zoo, but Nate Longshore suffered an ankle injury which derailed our season. I would have loved to have seen what that team could've done the rest of the way with a healthy Longshore at QB. I think we could've won the National Championship or the Rose Bowl that season.

Nik Jam: More of a recent fan, I'd have found a way to make Kevin Riley throw the ball away against Oregon State.

Avinash: Since everyone chats about 2004 and 2007, I’m going to go to the 2006 game against Arizona, which is still probably my #1 most painful memory as a Cal fan. Change one of five things in this game...

  1. Lavelle tripping at the 2-yard line.
  2. That awful pass interference call that still triggers PTSD a decade later.
  3. Marshawn being stuffed way too many times at the goal-line.
  4. Desean’s being an inch out of bounds on the final game-winning touchdown that wasn’t a game-winning touchdown.

...and assuming the Bears still take care of a disaster of a Stanford squad, Cal goes to the Rose Bowl. (Even if USC were to beat Cal the next week and win out, then they go to the national title game and Cal gets the Rose Bowl spot. If USC were to lose to UCLA, then Cal would have the better conference record.)

I think about that 2006 season more than 2004 a lot because we had everything lined up and in place and lost it all to Mike freaking Stoops.

TwistNHook: Remember back in 1999, when the Cal band did the Dave Matthews Band Show and all the phonez had a solo in Ants Marching. What if I alone had the solo, playing in front of 60,000 (cough30,000cough) fans?????? Now, THAT is a moment!