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Joe Kapp discusses his time at Cal, Latino identity, and life lessons

Wise words from a legendary Cal Bear.

TCM Classic Film Festival 2016  - Day 4 Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Turner

Joe Kapp is one of the greatest California Golden Bears.

A two-sport athlete at Cal, he led our Bears to our last Rose Bowl appearance. As a Cal coach, he was named Pac-10 Coach of the Year, led the team to victory over Stanfurd with the Play, and has given up tequila until we get back to the Rose Bowl.

In an ESPN Q&A, Kapp discussed life as a Mexican-American and shared some wisdom into his development as a quarterback, some of his playing highlights, and his greatest life lesson.

More relevant to Cal fans, Kapp fielded some questions about his time as a student at UC Berkeley and his Rose Bowl memories. Here are some highlights—blame ESPN for the terrible use of that “University of California at Berkeley” nonsense.

Why did you decide to go to University of California at Berkeley?

Kapp: I was the oldest of five kids. I offered to stay home and help, but my mother said, "No. You have this opportunity to go to school." I went to Cal because they let me play basketball and football. I didn't want to play baseball anymore. It was too slow. You've got to wait for the ball to come. It wasn't for me.

What was it like at Cal as a student-athlete involved in two sports?

Kapp: When you go to Cal, academically, it's a lot of hard work. I had a tremendous education at Cal. If I didn't take advantage of it, I'd have been stupid. I still played basketball. I think the coaches thought that if they kept me happy playing basketball, I could contribute more to the [football] team. Once again, I got the call of the ball. I did the work to participate in the game of football at a high level.

I’ve never been a bigger fan of Kapp’s then now, with his frank discussion of how utterly boring baseball is.

Here’s to Joe Kapp. May the Golden Bears bring tequila to your lips someday soon.