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Golden Nuggets: Cal Football Features on Vic Enwere, Tre Watson, and Russell Ude

Some analysis on Jared Goff and Ivan Rabb as well.

NCAA Football: Texas at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Bears in the Pros

  • Rams blog notes that it is too soon to give up on Jared Goff, noting other first round quarterbacks (like Troy Aikman) have had bad first years.
  • New Grizzlies (including Rabb) are ready to work.

Phillips 66 National Championships


  • Abigail Kim will participate in the Under-20 Team USA squad in Germany this week!


  • Andrew Vaughn doing Andrew Vaughn things with Team USA.
  • Tanner Dodson continues to tear it up in Wareham.


"Yeah, they throw the ball a lot, but what hit me the most was when I talked to their starting tight end, Ray Hudson's parents," Smalls said. "They were telling me how Cal is good in football and athletics, and all that, and how the facilities are great, but really, what helped make their choice, and Ray's choice, for going to Cal, was the education. The level of competition is very high, so to be in that environment, where you get pushed hard on the field, and in your academics, that sets you up for the long run."

I will be in Europe starting Tuesday and will not be doing Golden Nuggets Tuesday or Thursday as I will still be adjusting to the new time zones. I will return Sunday, hopefully.

Go Bears!