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Golden Nuggets: Cal Football Previews, Summer League Recap

Mike Neu, new Cal Baseball coach, has found a new assistant.

NCAA Football: Utah at California
Tre Watson
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports


Lots of preview articles from big Cal fansites!

NBA Summer League

  • I haven’t had time to scour the internet for summer league updates... but The Daily Cal has me covered. They have a good summary of Ivan Rabb, Jaylen Brown and Jabari Bird’s summer leagues. I guess they’re too young to know about Jorge and Richard Solomon, but they did a better job than I could nonetheless.


  • Won’t be officially announced until tomorrow but it appears Mike Neu has found an assistant coach in former Cal baseball outfielder Noah Jackson. He will be the hitting coach and recruiting coordinator. He was last on the team in 2015 as a volunteer assistant.
  • Eight water polo players, four from the Cal men’s program and four from the Cal women’s program, will participate in the FINA World Water Polo Championships in Budapest. (There’s a miniscule chance I might be there as well, as I’m scheduled to be in Budapest on Friday. Hm...)

Go Bears! Next Golden Nuggets from Paris.