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Cal and Under Armour introduce the Sather Stripe, which will appear on all uniforms

What are your thoughts?

Sather Stripe
Cal Athletics

As you might have seen, the California Golden Bears and Under Armour began their partnership on June 1st. They provided glimpses into the new branding, such as the Block C and Golden Bear being combined into a secondary logo, and a new-look California script.

There was also a new development. Check out the new Sather Stripe!

The Stripe figures to feature prominently on all Cal Athletics uniforms, and the inspiration comes from the famous UC Berkeley Campanile, the Sather Tower.

Under Armour went more into depth in their explanation of the new stripe.

"We just couldn't get past Sather Tower," Under Armour Senior Creative Director Adam Clement said. "It is truly one of the iconic pieces of architecture on any collegiate campus in the nation. It just kept rising to the top, how it really stands out as the defining icon on campus. Your eyes keep going back to that."


It's a design element that will appear on all of Cal's uniforms, with two solid lines on the outside and four broken up lines – two on each side – on the inside. The broken up lines are the final step in the evolution of the vertical lines formed by the beveled edges on Sather Tower, and represent the infusion of athletics into the brand with campus.

Cal fans, your thoughts on the Sather Stripe and how it will incorporate with the rest of the program’s new look with Under Armour?