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Stanford Band road ban lifted, everything is meaningless


Stanford Band

The California Golden Bears were spared from having to deal with the Stanford Cardinal band in the 2016 Big Game or Cal’s home basketball games with Stanford. The band was not allowed to travel on the road with the team due to violations of campus alcohol, hazing and sexual harassment.

It made the pain of Cal’s seventh straight loss to Stanford a little bit more bearable.

It doesn’t look Cal will be spared in future contests. The ban has been lifted. Apparently, Stanford is a changed band! They have learned their lessons and will never do anything detrimental to band conduct ever again.

Provost John Etchemendy placed the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band on provisional status in January following a suspension due to violations of campus alcohol policy, and bans on drinking and traveling, among other issues.

“The students have been working diligently on changing the culture of the band,” Etchemendy said in a campus news release Friday. “As a result, we decided to remove the provisional status, return the band to ‘good standing’ and lift the travel ban.”

Cal luckily will avoid Stanford this season at home. The Bears are next scheduled to host the Cardinal in Memorial Stadium in the 2018 Big Game. But Cal’s basketball teams will have to deal with incessant loud noises in the corner of Haas Pavilion this spring. Be prepared.