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Cal and Under Armour bring back the California script

Go Bears!

California mark
Cal Athletics

As we’ve detailed about the Cal-Under Armour deal, the California Golden Bears have a new secondary logo that complements the Cal script: The Block C combined with the Golden Bear. It fits in nicely to have two of the university’s most prominent symbols tied in together with the program’s athletic tradition.

Under Armour also has put together a new script to run in tandem with the modern Cal script. Check out the California wordmark!

California has always been an important part of Cal branding: California is still one of the primary designators for Cal outside of Cal, and provides the Bears with that added aura of being the flagship university that might not be present with just Cal.

The California script is the primary new wordmark for Cal Athletics. The secondary script is Golden Bears (and you can check out the alternate fonts as well).

California Golden Bears script
Cal Athletics

Cal fans, what do you think of this new script? Let us know in the comments!