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Golden Nuggets: Ivan Rabb Talks to Memphis Media

Congrats to Sam Singer who will play pro basketball in Israel!

NCAA Basketball: Cal Poly SLO at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Men’s Basketball

  • Ivan Rabb talked to Memphis media after being introduced as a new member of the team. Here is an excerpt from Ryan Gorcey’s recap.

Instead of a guaranteed contract worth as much as $7.8 million for being picked No. 14 last year (where many mock drafts had projected him to go), Rabb now has to play for his future, with no guaranteed contract.

"I didn't want to come into the league without knowing what to expect, and how I was supposed to carry myself, how I'm supposed to prepare myself for the games and everything else that comes with the league. I feel like my decision was a good decision, and obviously, I didn't get selected in the first round, but I did come into a great organization that's been in the playoffs, year after year, with great coaches and a great front office."

  • What’s the brand Cal coaches Wyking Jones and Chris Walker (former consultant for Under Armour) want for Cal Basketball? Walker talked with Gorcey.

"Our No. 1 thing is that we want kids nationally to see us as a Duke -- a place that has great academics, and has great basketball," Walker said.

  • Congrats to Sam Singer who will play pro basketball in Israel.


  • The men’s rowing team is currently touring Europe and will participate in the Henley Royal Regetta in England after doing a meet in the Netherlands earlier. More info here.




  • In case you missed Ruey’s great summary of the event, Cal students and alumni are participating in the USA Phillips 66 Championships. Here are some results (the event is still going on, with live results being posted in the comments of the above article).
  • Kathleen Baker won the National Title in the 200 Backstroke. RECAP.
  • Nathan Adrian won the National Title in the 100 Freestyle. RECAP.
  • A Bears 200 Backstroke sweep! Ryan Murphy won the National Title in the 200 Backstroke. RECAP.



“There are iconic pieces of architecture on college campus in America, like the Golden Dome at Notre Dame and the chapel at Duke. There might be a couple of others, but the Sather Tower is at the top of the list,” Under Armour senior creative director Adam Clement said. “When you look from top of the hill, you can see the tower, with the bay and the bridge in the distance. It is the sight of all sights. It’s absolutely remarkable and one of a kind.


Go Bears!