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Golden Nuggets: Aaron Rodgers Is the 6th Best NFL Player in 2017

A Cal legend has passed away. Jaylen Brown was one of the NBA’s best rookies last season.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Green Bay Packers
Closest I can find of him in a Cal jersey!
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Cal in the Pros

  • The NFL Network listed what they consider to be the Top 100 players in the NFL, and our own Aaron Rodgers was named 6th!
  • To celebrate this honor, Cal Football’s social media team made this highlight reel of Rodgers’ Cal career (Or maybe this video is old, I don’t know)

Team USA

  • Here’s a shot of Sam Singer on Team USA’s Jewish basketball team that’s playing in Israel (as I have reported in past Nuggets).
  • The USA men’s Water Polo team finished fourth in the FINA World League Super Finals but Cal student Johnny Hooper had a great series, scoring in almost (if not every) game.
  • Not really Team USA, but close enough since he is on Team USA. Collin Morikawa won the Northeast Amateur golf tournament!


  • Andrew Vaughn is on the Baseball America Freshmen All-American first team. If it seems like I’ve reported this before, I haven’t. He just keeps on winning awards from various baseball writers. And thanks to MLB draft rules, we still have him for two more years!


  • Sad news to report, John Sproul has passed away. The son of former Cal president Robert Gordon Sproul, he was a huge Cal Athletics supporter and was a key figure in the successful fight to save Cal Baseball in 2011.
  • Not Cal related, but sharing this article about women in sports by Daily Cal writer Christie Aguilar in solidarity. Great read.
  • Jon Wilner’s breakdown of 10 Pac-12 schools’ financial situations (USC and Furd excluded). Cal’s is obviously not good...



Note: Twice in this article I named the Daily Cal writer Christine, but her name is Christie. I fixed it quickly, but just in case anyone saw it... I apologize.