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What are your reactions to the Cal & Under Armour reveal so far?

Go Bears!

Cal Athletics

1. What's your favorite aspect of the first California Golden Bears Under Armour reveal?

Vincent Sheu: I've always loved Script-ifornia, and I'm glad it's coming back! Unlike Nike's version, the "Cal" in "California" actually lines up with script Cal as well.

2. What's your least favorite aspect of the first Cal/Under Armour reveal?

Vincent Sheu: Undecided on the Sather Stripe. It probably didn't happen this way, but it feels kind of like they came up with a design, and then a backstory for it (instead of the other way around). I'm also not necessarily seeing how the dashed lines come from the Campanile.

Leland Wong: I've seen plenty of complaints along these (bold and uneven) lines and I get it... but I don't. I don't think the Sather Stripe needs to be—or should be—directly lifted from the Campanile or some other Cal icon. To just get semantics out of the way, when Under Armour says they "took inspiration" from Sather Tower, that simply means using that imagery as a starting point to create a Cal-unique motif. They're not claiming that they set out to draw a little icon of the Campanile and stamp it everywhere.

If they introduced a new logo that's a more direct translation of the Campanile, I think Cal fans would be as unhappy as when Nike debuted the Roaring Bear of the Dykes era. On top of that, it would be difficult to implement a full-blown image like that without displacing another logo—meaning less script Cal, block C, or walking bear. The Sather Stripe seems to be more of pattern than a new logo. It plays the role of a subtle motif that can be used on all of our uniforms and on promotional materials without overpowering the main message.

3. What are your biggest questions going forward about the Cal/Under Armour reveal?

HydroTech: I'm pretty underwhelmed by the reveal so far. The script California is nice, but nothing groundbreaking. The Block C with the Golden Bear is fine. But the latest reveal, the Sather Stripe, is too abstract and unrecognizable in my opinion. So far, I don't see anything truly unique or interesting which will stick around for a long time as a fan favorite logo. I certainly won't be rushing out to stores to buy new Under Armour Cal gear, but I do give Under Armour an A for effort.

Piotr T Le: I like it, definitely up my alley in terms of color choices etc. The Block C + Bear is a nice homage to the old unis with a past design element inserted into it. Although my concern is the fact that it has to be big in order to work and I don't like big logs on things... but that's just taste. I like the Sather stripe tho, it is an attempt at creating new design elements that are not large/obnoxious like the "roaring" bear we had with Nike. I would wait till unis are unveiled + more gear is out, at the price point that Rob + Andy were talking on the Bearcast I wouldn't go buy UA gear anytime soon unless they have some real cool designs (Beast Mode style).

Leland Wong: I'd say I'm left with only questions after the initial Under Armour reveal. Their design elements have pretty much been safe choices, which make it tough to hit home runs or completely flop. Bringing back two classic logos and adding a tail to "California" look great, but aren't particularly bold by any means.

But I don't think this is bad at all—design motifs don't need to be particularly flashy, which gives wiggle room to make statements with how these motifs are implemented.

And that's the biggest question of the Under Armour reveal. Cal's been using the Sather Stripe as an accent on Twitter pics and it's looked nice, but I'm waiting to see uniforms before I grade the Under Armour vision.