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Cal concept helmets with Golden Bear logo & state of California created by Reddit user

What do you think?

Cal concept helmets
Reddit user mullican93!

The California Golden Bears have started their new deal with Under Armour, and there is plenty of speculation as to what the new uniforms will look like. We already have some concepts in place that we can expect to be prominent new features of design.

That’s allowed for some college football fanatics/graphic designers to get creative as to what Under Armour might potentially do with their new uniforms. Reddit user mullican93 created these concept Cal helmets, complete with the Golden Bear logo and the state of California. Take a look and let us know what you think!

(Disclaimer: These are NOT real helmets. This is just the creative ideas of a college football graphic artist. Do not expect any of these helmets to appear on a Cal sideline.)

Cal and Under Armour are expected to start unveiling actual helmets, new uniforms, jerseys, apparel, and all the like in the coming two months.