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Cal travel ban will not affect previously scheduled football contests

Quick reminder.

NCAA Football: California at Stanford Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There does seem to be some misconceptions about the restrictions that have been put in place by the state of California, and how it might affect future contests. California enacted a travel funding ban (for public employees) to states that have recently enacted discriminatory laws against the LGBTQ community. That includes all members of the University of California, and hence Cal Athletics.

Let’s clear up those misconceptions for those worried about Cal’s season opener being rescheduled or cancelled. Those games are still on.

California’s travel ban took effect in January and specifically includes the two university systems. But it also exempts them from the ban to fulfill any athletic contracts they entered into with schools in the affected states before Jan. 1. That helps many major college athletic teams — for now — because they set their travel schedules with other schools sometimes years in advance.

That includes...

Cal will also allow its athletes to participate in any postseason play that takes place in those aforementioned states (bowl games in Texas or tournament games in North Carolina are still fully covered. All these games were scheduled prior to the enactment of AB1887, so Cal does not have to cancel any of those contests.

However, it’s unlikely Cal will be scheduling any further contests in these states unless these laws are stricken down as unconstitutional, most likely from the court systems.