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VIDEO: Cal football players in the midst of summer workouts

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No offseason for the Bears.

Cal Football

For those unfamiliar with how the offseason goes for college football coaches, there are deep restrictions on player and coach contact from the end of spring practice to the start of fall practice. Namely, coaches and players aren’t really supposed to interface with each other, aside from maybe a few meetings to check in with how things are going.

Only the strength and conditioning staff is allowed to regularly meet with the football players during the offseason. For a college football team, offseason consists of two periods: From the end of a team’s season to the start of spring practice, and from the end of spring practice to the start of fall practice. So it’s mostly Torre Becton and the Cal staff implementing the vision of what Justin Wilcox wants to see from his team when he starts coaching them in the fall. (There’s a reason why many college football head coaches consider the strength hire the most important hire when rounding out their staff.)

The California Golden Bears appear to be hard at work right now. Here’s a glimpse of what they were up to.

Ten weeks to go.