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Cal sports cannot travel to Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota due LGBTQ discrimination laws

Eight states are now on the list.

California v Texas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The California Golden Bears have been further restricted from travelling to four more states due to state discrimination laws.

California law AB1887 prohibits state funds or state-sponsored legislation to go to travel to states that have laws that discriminate against the LGBTQ community. This prohibited state employees of the University of California for making trips to states that enacted discriminatory laws, like Kansas, North Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee. And this will certainly extend to Cal Athletics as well, as well as all public universities in California (like UCLA, Fresno State, San Diego State, San Jose State and more).

The latest state bans have come into effect in Texas, Alabama, South Dakota and Kentucky.

Here’s a quick look at the discriminatory laws that have been put into the books in each of the states.

While most of these states are not regular visit spots for Cal sports, Texas is a bit of a quandary for Cal Athletics. The Lone Star state is a huge hotbed for recruiting, and Cal seems to be making a concerted effort on the basketball side to recruit in that state. Cal coaches might have to be creative when it comes to taking recruiting trips to the state.

AB1887 could potentially restrict Cal coaches from visiting Texas on recruiting trips. Expect Cal and UCLA coaches to make Texas recruiting a huge point of contention with donors.

Additionally, Texas hosts a ton of major sporting events, particularly the NCAA Tournament and several major bowl games with Pac-12 tie-ins (like the Alamo Bowl, potentially the playoff).

But Cal and UCLA have already gone on record to state that they will allow teams to participate in postseason events in banned states, so expect these trips to go on unimpeded.

The Cal football team currently has a ton of non-conference scheduled games that will be taking place in these states.

  • Cal travels to North Carolina this September for their season opener.
  • Cal has a road date to Ole Miss scheduled for 2019.
  • Cal will be visiting TCU in 2021.
  • Cal has a road trip to Auburn scheduled for 2024.

At the moment, those games are still on (and it’s too late at this point to cancel the North Carolina contest), and all previously scheduled contests are exempt from this ban.

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