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Cal with Under Armour brings back the Block C for a new logo with the Golden Bear!

More on the new secondary logo.

Cal with Under Armour
Cal Athletics

Let’s dive in deeper to what Cal has done with Under Armour in its first reveal.

The California Golden Bears have had plenty of potential images that haven’t been highly incorporated into the program’s design and aesthetic. Nike was pretty standardized in promoting the standard Cal logo, but aside from a few stabs at Golden Bears (remember the giant Bear at Haas Pavilion?) they really didn’t go that far.

The new secondary logo seems to be an immediate shift toward a stronger and better design aesthetic. The most important aspect is the return of the Block C, which has long been neglected as part of our branding.

The Block C holds great historical significance at Cal. For many years it was the symbol that crested the helmets of many a Cal football player, like the great Joe Roth.

Not only does it adorn the hill facing Memorial Stadium as the Big C, but it also is a pretty prominent fixture inside the stadium as well.

Combining the Block C with the Golden Bear is a good way of merging past with present. The Golden Bear is pretty synonymous with Cal’s present identity, and the Block C anchors the program back in its deeper traditional roots.

What do you think of the new secondary logo Cal fans?


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