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Aaron Rodgers returns to Cal, meets with head coach Justin Wilcox

It’s been awhile.

Aaron Rodgers and Justin Wilcox
Cal Football

He’s back.

For the first time since the end of the Jeff Tedford era, we have an Aaron Rodgers sighting on the UC Berkeley campus. After showing signs that he’s reembracing his Cal roots, Rodgers made it up to Memorial Stadium to connect with California Golden Bears head coach Justin Wilcox.

Great to have @aaronrodgers12 back in #BearTerritory today #GoBears

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Rodgers also took a quick tour of the Berkeley campus, reacquainting himself with an old friend.

#Berkeley #campuslife #timetograduate

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And he got a chance to check out Memorial Stadium from the top!

Great day hanging out at Cal #campuslife #Berkeley #gradtobe #

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The California Golden Bears have had their issues connecting with Rodgers in recent years. Rodgers did not take kindly to the firing of Tedford, who discovered Aaron and sent him on the course to be in the discussion for the best football player on the planet.

Great day hanging out at Cal #campuslife #Berkeley #gradtobe #

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It appears the thaw came after the hiring of Wilcox. Wilcox was on the Cal coaching staff with Tedford as a linebackers coach and there were reports that Rodgers was all on board with the Wilcox hire. This might be Wilcox’s biggest offseason win--getting Cal’s biggest alumni back on board has to be a big booster for morale.

UPDATE: Rodgers is pumped about Wilcox.

Therefore, I am pumped about Wilcox.