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Introducing the Cal–Under Armour era!

Cal Athletics embarks on a 10-year, $86-million deal with Under Armour.

Today, we get our first look at how Under Armour will be outfitting the California Golden Bears for the 2017–18 season. And spoiler alert—expect a new Pete Newell Court at Haas Pavilion and a new Kabam Field at California Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, California.

Not only does the deal secure attire and equipment for our 34 Recreational Sports club programs, but this arrangement is more financially lucrative for Cal than our Nike deal and involves employment and internships for Cal students and alumni.

The new motif for Cal–UA will be the Sather Stripe.

Gone is the growling Bear of the Dykes/Nike days; our “new” secondary logo is the block C with the walking Bear.

We’ve got a new font with a name that fits the theme: UA-Sather. Under Armour is also debuting new and official script versions of “California” and “Golden Bears”.

This post will be updated with more information—and pictures of the uniforms—as they become available.