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Golden Nuggets: Jabari Bird Works Out With an NBA Team

We have updates on Cal Rugby’s Robert Paylor and his recovery from a tragic spinal injury.

NCAA Basketball: Stanford at California
Jabari Bird and the Bears beat Stanford on my 30th birthday. That was pretty cool.
Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

I’m happy to say we have triple the content of Tuesday’s article!

Basketball (Men’s, NBA, WNBA)

  • With all the deserved hype about Ivan Rabb, one can forget that Jabari Bird has NBA potential as well. He worked out with the Indiana Pacers recently then did an interview about it. You can view it below. If the video doesn’t appear, go here.



Geballe Award

  • Serena Leong (Women’s Gymnastics) and Elliott Gentile (Women’s Soccer) have both won the Geballe Award for 2017. This award is given to Cal athletes that display a combination of academic and competitive excellence. They will receive a $10,000 post-graduate scholarship.



Pro Football

Cal Football

Note from the Writer: I put the football articles last since I figure thats the most popular sport and this way people scroll through the whole list, but I’d appreciate feedback on where you think they should go. Also, should I just give a short description of the articles like my predecessors, or do you like the editorializing and video/tweet embeds I sometimes do. Thanks!

Go Beers