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Predict the 2017 Cal Football Season

It’s time again to submit your predictions for the upcoming season. Submit your results and I’ll post the results in a couple weeks. Also, please keep your responses between 0.00 and 1.00!

California v USC Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Cal football certainly has changed over the past four months, hasn’t it? Davis Webb is gone. Chad Hansen is gone. Khalfani Muhammad is gone. And most importantly, Sonny Dykes is gone. With Dykes’ departure, our tepid feelings about the upcoming season have transformed into an anxious mix of excitement and uncertainty. First-time head coach Justin Wilcox has made substantial upgrades to our assistant coaches, and those coaches have plenty of talent with which to work (on offense, at least). But how long will it take to fix one of the worst defenses in college football over the past several years? And can we sustain a high level of production on offense? Are you expecting a quick turnaround or a multi-year rebuilding project? To start to answer those questions (or, at least give us something to talk about while we wait four more months for football), we are running our semi-annual season predictions.

Your task is simple: give us the Bears’ chances of winning each game. If you think the Bears have a 99% of beating the Lobsterbacks, put “0.99” in the form below. If we only have a 50% chance of beating Weber State (you sadist!), put “0.50.” Please keep your responses between 0.00 and 1.00. Otherwise it gums up my number-cruncher, and you most certainly cannot mix chewy numbers with crunchy numbers. Trust me.

If you have trouble accessing the following form, you can access a direct link here. Thanks for participating and Go Bears! We’ll publish the results in a couple weeks.