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DJ Khaled shows up at UC Berkeley statistics graduation

I graduated the wrong year.

DJ Khaled
Alexander D’Amour

I’m a simple editor regarding Cal events. I see DJ Khaled making an impromptu appearance at a UC Berkeley graduation, I create a post. Enjoy this as much as you absolutely should.

Surprise at Statistics graduation

So THIS happened today... ;) #shh #dontspoilthesurprise

Posted by UC Berkeley on Thursday, May 18, 2017

From the Sacramento Bee:

Khaled was introduced by keynote speaker Steve Stoute, an advertising executive who ended his speech by saying, “Data is the instrument, now go be the artist. keep pushing culture forward. Thank you, congratulations, and here is your gift today.”

Khaled emerged wearing a baby-blue and white jumpsuit and performed “All I Do Is Win” while shaking hands with the students. He then gave a short speech.

“This is amazing, ’cause I didn’t graduate myself,” Khaled said. “So this is the closest thing to graduation for me too.”

DJ Khaled showed up today at the UC Berkeley Statistics graduation, and had a good time!

I really have nothing else to say. Khaled isn’t a Cal fan as far as I know. But I am a fan of him showing up to a Cal graduation, and would be a fan of him giving a future commencement speech.

Congrats to all the recent Cal graduates! Time to get out in that world.

Go Bears!