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Cal Athletics deal with Under Armour set to start on June 1

One month to go

Cal & Under Armour

Cal Athletics is set to begin a new chapter. The California Golden Bears will end their affiliation with Nike for the 2017-18 season and begin a ten year contract with Under Armour.

Here’s a preview of what’s coming from Cal Athletics with Under Armour. Gold shoes!

The Under Armour deal is expected to net Cal $8.6 million a year for the next ten years. Cal currently receives a few hundred thousand dollars a year from Nike. You can see why this new apparel deal makes plenty of sense from a financial standpoint.

Some more details on this from Cal Athletics.

In addition to outfitting the Cal intercollegiate athletic teams, Under Armour will have an extensive social and communal footprint on campus, including:

Providing apparel for Cal's 34 Recreational Sports club programs, supporting more than 1,300 students annually

Offering discounts on Under Armour's connected fitness system, UA HealthBox, for faculty, staff and students

Annually employing UC Berkeley student interns and graduates

Creating and supporting multiple fitness and nutrition challenges for Cal students, faculty, alumni and staff

Collaboration on philanthropic and social responsibility programs