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Davis Webb is seeing his NFL draft stock rise. Will he be a first round pick?

Learn more about what he did better at Cal than Jared Goff.

NCAA Football: Texas at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears might have a first round quarterback two years in a row. There is buzz that Davis Webb could get drafted on Thursday night (and will almost certainly be picked by Day 2)

Webb has been circulated as a potential late first round, early second round pick who can get scooped up by a team that wants to take a quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft. Webb’s arm strength, physical talent and stature, and strong work ethic make him the ideal fit of an NFL quarterback sleeper. Even if he hasn’t nailed down all the necessary pre-requisites to be an NFL starter, the potential is there for him to move up and take the reins in a few years and get a shot at a starting spot.

Let’s take a look at what the media is saying about Webb’s draft candidacy. It’s definitely a wide list of opinions. The most interesting tidbit might be Sonny Dykes giving Webb more command of what to do with the offense than his predecessor Jared Goff.

How Davis Webb has become the most intriguing QB prospect in the NFL Draft [CBS Sports]:

"I probably gave him more freedom than any quarterback I've coached," Spavital says. "He just had a great understanding of what was trying to be accomplished. And he could go out there and execute it. Now, if he wanted to put in new plays or if he was going to check into certain things, he would definitely run it by me first and ask my opinion of it. Or if he liked certain concepts that he wanted to get installed, he'd make a huge cut up and a big presentation of it, just to let me know he's thought of all the ends and outs, and the what ifs of a certain play -- just all the contingencies of what can happen on a certain play.


"We gave Davis a tremendous amount of freedom -- more than we gave Jared," Dykes says. "A lot of that has to do with what a guy is comfortable with. Certainly Jared had a great knowledge of our offense and what we were trying to do and everything, but I think he was a little more comfortable not having to direct traffic maybe not as much as Davis was.

That being said, despite the physical advantages and mental preparation Webb brought to the game, Goff’s performance still was better than Webb’s, primarily due to Goff’s pocket mobility and adaptability to move with the pressure.

"Jared's footwork is really unique and separates him from a lot of other guys," Dyke said. "Davis is a taller guy than Jared. Every tall quarterback has advantages, but they also have disadvantages. His footwork is going to continue to develop and get better. I know he's working hard at developing it and improving it."

Cal fans, what are the differences you see between Webb and Goff on the eve of the draft?