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Golden Nuggets: Wrapping up the Spring Game and Cal Day

A lot of articles in the Bay Area news media about football now that the Spring Game has been completed.

Spring Game action
Cal Football twitter @CalFootball

For more Spring Game coverage, as well as reports on baseball, tennis and rugby check out articles posted yesterday and today on our site! As usual, there’s some good reports from other sources as well, particularly on the Spring Game.


Cal Day

  • Anyone go to this? Chancellor Dirks had a talk with Olympians Toni-Ann Williams of women’s gymnastics, Caitlin Leverenz and Noemie Thomas of the women’s swimming team to talk about their Olympic experiences on Memorial Glade.


  • We have a report on Saturday’s thrilling win on our site, but here’s how Friday’s game ended.
  • Bears will go for the sweep on Dog Day at the Park! Come on over at 1PM and bring your furry friend with you. Go Bears!