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Cal Spring Football: QBs And Coaches talk repetition and strides

QB is still up for gra

Washington v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

OC Beau Baldwin, QB Coach Marques Tuiasosopo, QB Ross Bowers, and QB Chase Forrest talked to the media. Take a read into some key quotes or watch the media availability!

OC Beau Baldwin

  • We wont be a finished product come practice #15. We’ve still got 23 of our practices left plus summer workouts, but I do like some of the strides we took today.
  • I dont look out there and wonder who’s out there and think about how I’m going to call something. I’m going to call something, no matter which one is out there from a play-call standpoint. (On which QB is out there)
  • You’re able to start to hide them. (On WRs moving around and playing from different spots)

QB Coach Marques Tuiasosopo

  • They’ve both flashed and done well. They’ve both shown times where they need to learn.
  • I just want to see consistency. THey flash and they’ve done some really nice things.
  • They’re almost similar but they’re different in a way.

QB Chase Forrest

  • We’ve done alot more team than since I’ve been here.
  • Coach Tui has a wealth of knowledge from all these different coaches. (Norv Turner and Jon Gruden)
  • I learned that from Jared. Learned from him early on. (On watching film individually and coming in middle of the night to watch film)

QB Ross Bowers

  • Saturday is going to be fun day.
  • [The Defense is] flying around alot more than what I’ve seen before.
  • Competition is the best for people like me because it elevates my game.
  • This is the third year Ive had a different coach, so they teach footwork different ways, but thats no excuse. Its been good getting to get back to the way I was taught in camps and stuff.
  • Learning the plays it’s all about repetition, you know studying and stuff like that. I took all of spring break to hone in on that stuff and came back and felt alot more confident.