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Monday Thoughts: Do we have to talk about it?

Plus a new recruiting rule that might not help schools with higher academic expectations

NCAA Basketball: Utah at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Charlie Moore transfers

What is there to say at this point? Charlie Moore may or may not have been Cal’s best player next year, but he was almost certainly going to be the most important. Without him, Cal doesn’t have a proven Pac-12 level point guard on the roster and no obvious solutions on the horizon. There were already major roster concerns, but this one dwarfs everything else.

Honestly, I kinda don’t want to talk about Cal basketball for a month or two. The 2017-18 season will clearly be the beginning of a rebuilding cycle, and the question is if it will be a one year rebuild or a painful, multi-year rebuild. But until it’s announced how Cal will fill their open scholarships, there isn’t anything to do other than to whine and wallow, which isn’t especially enticing.

Hey, it’s certainly not all bad news - Wyking has filled his coaching staff reasonably well and didn’t lose any other committed recruits - and can we really blame him for losing a commit to Kentucky? It’s just a shame that the two unexpected losses happened to be the most important players for long term stability.

Wake me up when our open scholarships get filled, and focus on celebrating the players who have elected to stick with Cal.

New early signing day will at least annoy Stanford

The NCAA has announced new administrative rules, mostly concerned with recruiting, and mostly benign, sensible stuff. But one change is actually interesting:

It will create a three-day window for recruits to sign Letters of Intent in December right around Christmas. In 2017, the dates will be Dec. 20-23.

So, two questions: 1) Is this good for recruits? 2) Is this good for Cal?

This is probably good for recruits - they now might have an option they didn’t have before, and perhaps a better tool for gauging interest from a coaching staff (is this program giving me an actionable offer in the early signing period, or only the late signing period?)

The reason that David Shaw is against the rule change is because Stanford has to wait for academic results and admissions information, and it’s for that exact reasons that this change might not be good for Cal.

If Cal’s offers are conditional upon the recruit maintaining/achieving certain academic benchmarks that can’t be assessed until after the early signing period, then Cal won’t be able to offer early period scholarships. And that means that those recruits might prefer to take the sure thing of a December scholarship rather than waiting for a possible spot in Cal’s February class.

I’m honestly not sure exactly how Cal manages recruit academic profiles - it’s entirely possible that they know what they need to know by December. Until Wilcox and his staff say something about the news, we can’t quite be sure. But it’s something to monitor over the next few classes.

Also, David Shaw got his degree from Stanford by studying hyperbole.

Oregon basketball exodus

You can add Dillon Brooks, Tyler Dorsey, and Casey Benson* to Dylan Ennis and Chris Boucher on the list of players Oregon is losing. Jordan Bell is reasonably likely to join them soon. That would be a more or less total roster turnover for the Ducks.

USC’s Elijah Stewart and Arizona’s Rawle Atkins also threw their names into the ring, but neither have hired agents so they might be back.

*Hey Casey, if you weren’t happy about your playing time in Eugene I know a team that can offer 30+ minutes to any able-bodied point guard!