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How do you feel about Cal hiring first-time coaches in Wyking Jones and Justin Wilcox?

Go Bears!

NCAA Football: Washington at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears have two coaches with no head coaching experience. What do think of Cal's direction in terms of choosing new coaches?

Andy Johnston: The more I see from Wilcox, the more I love it. Our football program is trending up in a major way. A lot of that excitement is due to the caliber of coaches he assembled on staff. The basketball search had a lot of noise and didn't paint us in the best light but the optimist in me believe Williams knew what he was looking for and got it. Looking forward to seeing who we bring on outside of the recently announced Tim O'Toole.

Alex Khalifa: On the football side, Wilcox feels like a smart hire even if his immediate impact won't be obvious. Jones could work out too, but he seemed more of a default option than a choice. Keeping Martin or signing a guy like Dennis Gates would have felt like more of an affirmative move.

Kevin Wu: Cal Athletics wanted to save money, period. While both guys may do some good things for Cal, these two hires don't come with anything near the excitement we had when Dykes and Martin were first brought on board. With Dykes, we had the pipe dream of the Bear Raid. With Martin, we had someone who was red hot with success at Tennessee. To me, the direction right now of Cal's two revenue-generating sports is just blah. Plain and simply, blah.

boomtho: While Wilcox doesn't have HC experience, he has a ton of experience at good D1 programs, and made a series of very impressive assistant hires to surround himself with good experience, including some HC experience.

The jury is obviously out on Coach Jones, but he has a smaller track record of being a high level assistant, and so a lot will depend on who he brings in as an assistant. Retaining folks like Tim O'Toole would be a great start, in my opinion.