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2017 Cal Football Commit Report: Safety Daniel Scott

What does Scott bring to the table?

Palm Beach Zoo Debuts Grizzly Bear Cubs Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

After the 2016 football season that saw eight players go down at the safety position, it was important for the California Golden Bears to secure some safety recruits in their 2017 class. That was why our defense could have been left in a sticky situation when two safety recruits decommitted after the firing of Sonny Dykes. But as we all now know, we were able to secure the commitment of Daniel Scott, adding some necessary depth and welcome size to our safety corp.

Scott is a big safety, weighing in at 6’3” 195lb. He looks athletic on his film, catching touchdown passes, making interceptions, and returning a punt for a touchdown. He also looks tough and fearless, laying down vicious blocks on offense and hard hits on defense. To top it all off, he shows good instincts on defense, reading the quarterback before breaking towards the ball and making a play. We see time and time again that Scott track the ball well through the air, before high pointing and coming down with the interception. It helps that Scott shows the ability to turn his hips and change direction quickly, with a good acceleration out of his breaks that allows him to make plays on the ball.

Scott runs well, showing good range when he covers from sideline to sideline. Furthermore, we see from his offensive film that Scott has quick feet and breakaway speed that allows him to pull away from defenders. Scott attacks the ball on defense, flying up the alley to make plays on opposing rushers, not afraid to hit them or wrap them up.

At first look, he passes the eye test. Based off what I can see from the film, Scott looks like he has the smarts, the athleticism and the toughness to succeed at the next level. I think that with some seasoning at Cal, Scott will provide important depth down the line and hopefully develop into a difference maker for our new defense under Coach Wilcox!