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Cal Football Spring Ball: OC Beau Baldwin and RB Tre Watson talk 2Min Drill & Hands

Offense Offense Offense

NCAA Football: California at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

OC Beau Baldwin and Senior RB Tre Watson (one of the best interviews on the team) took the podium after practice, here’s what they had to say.

OC Beau Baldwin Quotes: (You should really listen to the whole thing. The guy is amazing to listen to.)

  • I love it. We'll run two minute drills as many times as we can between now and the start of the season. Because you can learn a lot from those drills in terms of time management and what to do with the football, getting out of bounds, and all that good stuff.
  • Tre truly has so much versatility in terms of being that every down back. You can call a lot of different routes with him, you can even split him out at receiver and he looks very natural doing that. Then you can run stuff inside the tackles and he handles that well. He can get to the edge as well and from a pass pro stand point he's competitive. He's got a little bit of bulk to him.
  • These are quality young men and I credit the last staff, the type of personality, the type of character that they brought into this place. You sit there, talk with them, meet them, have conversations with them, you can just get a feel right away. These are quality young men that again I keep using the term sponges, because they want to absorb what you're telling them.
  • I just want Malik to be very versatile in what he's doing. I mean I don't just consider him a fullback and I'm gonna give him two plays. To me he's got some stuff. He's got some legitimate stuff to his game and brings some things to the table. So, I want to create ways so we can use him...

SR RB Tre Watson Quotes:

  • We had a lot of competition going on out here. Guys were out here battling it out...
  • Footwork is a little different on certain plays. Really, it's more mental now. We have a lot more that we have to pick up on
  • Everybody had one play on the offense and then you would run that play. Now, it's like, this play could be different things, and you have to know what you're doing in this play.
  • Best hands in the country! Cmon man! you're cutting me short!
  • I'm ready man. Put on some weight, faster, stronger, and smarter, really. It's becoming more mental. The game is slowing down to a whole different level.

What are you thoughts on the offensive side of the ball Cal fans? Excited for what Beau Baldwin brings to the table? Let us know in the comments below.