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Cal Spring Football: Coaches talk DLs/DBs

Stanford v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Here’s quotes from HC Justin Wilcox on Monday; DC Tim Deruyter and DB Coach Gerald Alexander from the weekend.

HC Justin Wilcox

Excited where we’re at, just need to continuing to grow.

Lots of game situations to learn and build off of.

Its all about stacking experiences on one another.

Beau Baldwin runs the offense and he does a fantastic job.

Its about the marginal gains. You’re not going to go from A to Z in one week. We’re not there yet but we’re continuing to work on it.

DB Coach Gerald Alexander

The first thing we really wanted to do was to make sure we break our techniques fundamentally down. Talking about stance, backpedaling. Making sure anything we do we properly do.

How they’re all on the same page. Alot of skills are the same. Alot of the techniques are the same. Everybody hearing the skill and techniques whether or not they use it on the field helps.

DC Tim Deruyter

We got alot of our base concepts in, I think our guys are doing well communicating, but we’ve got alot of things we got to clean up right now.

On Alex Funches: I’m really pleased the previous staff had recruited him. He’s got a chance to be an impact player.

On D-Line Personnel: We’re dual-training some guys because we’re thin at some spots.