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Cal Beach Volleyball edged by Stanford in Beach Big Spike

Big Spike on the Beach took place from The Farm and on the the Pac-12 Networks

Freshman Camille Stepanof is one of 5 freshman to contribute to Cal Beach Volleyball this year. She’s the one that has played on the best pairs (No.3 and now No.2).
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Despite a bunch of close sets, Golden Bears fell to rival Stanford in the Beach Big Spike today.

Stanford probably has the superior athletes but they have not figured out how to transition from the indoor to the beach game. In the windy conditions that led to plenty of broken plays, Golden Bears battled hard in every court only to drop yet another close dual.

Despite rallying to save 6 set points in a row, Bears’ Iya Lindahl and Nicole Anderson was not able to force a deciding 3rd set in the No.4 pair. That turned out to be the difference from earlier in the year, when the Bears prevailed 3-2.

Bears are now 2-3 all time in beach volleyball against Stanford.

No. 20 Stanford 3, No. 18 Cal 2

No. 1: Katherine Plummer-Jenna Gray (Stan) def. Jessica Gaffney-Mia Merino, 21-19, 21-12

No. 2: Payton Chang-Ivana Vanjak (Stan) def. Bryce Bark-Camille Stepanof, 22-20, 21-12

No. 3: Olivia Rodberg-Grace Campbell (Cal) def. Morgan Hentz-Caitlin Keefe, 21-19, 16-21, 16-14

No. 4: Catherine Raquel-Shannon Richardson (Stan) def. Iya Lindahl-Nicole Anderson, 23-21, 26-24

No. 5: Teya Neff-Bridget Gustafson (Cal) def. Courtney Bowen-Kat Anderson, 17-21, 21-14, 16-14


No.18 California Golden Bears (10-6) at No.20 Stanford Cardinal (9-4)

Where: Stanford Sand Volleyball Stadium (Palo Alto, CA)

When: 4 PM PT

TV: Pac-12 Networks

All Time Matchup: 2-2

Cal Bears will look to beat rival Stanford for the 2nd time this season when the Big Spike on the Beach takes place on Pac-12 Networks on Tuesday afternoon. Earlier this season, Bears defeated Stanford via a tight 3-2 final (winning in courts 3-5 but dropping the top two pairs). Similar to tennis (but with everything being doubles), the result of a meet is determined by the school that wins at least 3 of the matches (each is a best-of-three, 1st to 21st in the first two games, 1st to 15 in the deciding 3rd - a pair has to win by at least two points).

No. 1: Kathryn Plummer-Jenna Gray (Stan) def. Bryce Bark-Mia Merino, 21-17, 21-16

No. 2: Ivana Vanjak-Payton Chang (Stan) def. Grace Campbell-Olivia Rodberg, 18-21, 21-18, 15-12

No. 3: Jessica Gaffney-Camille Stepanof (Cal) def. Catherine Raquel-Shannon Richardson, 21-19, 21-13

No. 4: Nicole Anderson-Iya Lindahl (Cal) def. Morgan Hentz-Caitlin Keefe, 13-21, 21-19, 15-13

No. 5: Bridget Gustafson-Teya Neff (Cal) def. Kat Anderson-Courtney Bowen, 21-17, 21-16

Playing to a 3-2 final is familiar territory for the Bears, who either win or lose 3-2 in 9 of their 16 matches on the season. Back end depth has been the key to Cal’s success this year with the No.5 pair of Teya Neff and Bridget Gustafson having an 11-6 record.

Bears have shaken up the top of the lineup with Jessica Gaffney (the lone player who also plays on the indoor team) moving up to No.1 to team with Mia Merino. The former No.2 pair is now playing as the No.3. The new updated Cal lineup consists of:

No.1 Mia Merino-Jessica Gaffney

No.2 Bryce Bark-Camille Stepanof

No.3 Grace Campbell-Olivia Rodberg

No.4 Iya Lindahl-Nicole Anderson

No.5 Bridget Gustafson-Teya Neff

Stanford apparently has yet to beat a ranked opponent this year. Let’s hope that streak continues.

It’s rather last minute but Stanford alum and USA Olympian great Kerri Walsh will be present to sign autographs at 3:15 pm PT before this match. She will be honored at this meet.

Coming soon to a home match near you - the 2017 team poster!

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After the match at Stanford, the Golden Bears will host Washington on Friday in their last home meet. Bears will return to Stanford to take on Boise State and Oregon this weekend. After a trip to Arizona to take on ASU, New Mexico, and Arizona two weekends from now, Bears will return to Tucson, Arizona for the Pac-12 Championships on April 27th.