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Cal fans, early thoughts on new coach Wyking Jones?

What do you think?

Wyking Jones
Cal Men’s Basketball

What are your feelings on the California Golden Bears hiring Wyking Jones as their next basketball coach?

Andy Johnston: Very excited. We have talked on the Bearcast (shameless plug) regarding what we would want out of a coach and it usually consists of someone who is in it for the long term, a dynamic recruiter and of high character. Check, check and check. I also believe that Wyking's ability to keep this class together will prove pivotal as we were in a less than advantageous position with our seniors graduating.

Alex Khalifa: It does seem that going internal allowed Cal to preserve its recruits, which was obviously a big deal. I was also happy to read Rick Pitino's praise of Jones. However, no matter how you spin this, Jones was not the first choice to replace Cuonzo Martin. That makes the "we've got our guy" tweet seem hollow in my eyes.

Kevin Wu: Honestly, not that excited about this hire. Cal Athletics went cheap, there's no other way to spin this. Cheap and preserving recruits was probably their agenda, which the latter seems affirmed. This hire does not generate excitement for a fan base that expects more buzz. Taking the longer view into perspective, this appears like yet another strong of disappointments since the high point of securing Brown & Rabb two years ago.

Nick Kranz: I offered the bulk of my thoughts on earlier, but since then the news of Jemarl Baker's decommit broke. It's impossible to devine the exact reasons that led Cal to hire Wyking Jones, but one might reasonably assume that continuity and consistency would be a primary factor. Losing Cal's best recruit, at a position of critical need, is a body blow that I'm not sure this program can afford. There's still time to salvage the most important recruiting class in recent years, but it's a heavy uphill climb and I can't say I'm tremendously optimistic.

boomtho: Honestly? Pretty meh. I get the value of continuity (though it looks like Baker is asking out of his LOI) and the players seem excited, but this seems like a pretty uninspiring hire especially when compared to the football one. It's hard to imagine Coach Jones is even an above-average Pac-12 coach, especially now that Romar is out at UW. I like the fact Cal was decisive and moved quickly to lock him down, but I can't help but think there were more inspiring candidates out there.