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Cal claims itself the new football team of the East Bay

Bold marketing move!

Grambling v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In case you haven’t noticed, a major professional football team is making its way out of Oakland and presumably on to Las Vegas.

With only one major football team left in the East Bay, the California Golden Bears are ready to swoop in and claim this prime territory for themselves!

Bold move by the Bears here! It could actually pay off for football-starved fans to have their own territory though. UCLA and USC have helped build up their fanbases in Los Angeles in the absence of pro football teams for a long time. With the 49ers mired in mediocrity for the near future, this could be a good chance to sweep in and get some nice real estate!

Welcome all of you potential new Golden Bear fans to Bear Territory! Come join us soon.

Cal fans, your thoughts?