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Cal basketball players and commits react to Wyking Jones hire: Positive so far!

How are the players reacting?

NCAA Basketball: Colorado at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The most important factor short-term in keeping Wyking Jones as the next head coach of California Golden Bears men’s basketball: How do the players feel about it? Jones was part of the Cal staff. It’d be super encouraging if the current Cal assistant had the trust of the players.

So far, the news appears to be positive up and down the board!

The players

Point guard Charlie Moore

Power forward Marcus Lee also gave thumbs up to the job.

"I was recruited by Coach Wyking when I was first looking at schools. We were two California guys in Kentucky who started out as rivals but remained close. I saw him being able to do great things, and to start his head coaching career with him as my head coach is the best thing I could picture happening. Having him as my head coach now is one of the best things I could ever see." – senior forward Marcus Lee

Cal guard Don Coleman had this to say.

Sam Singer was very excited for the hire as well.

Recruiting commits

One of the biggest factors with maintaining coaching continuity is that it should be easier for the Bears to maintain their current class. Early indications are that there will be no defections at this point.

Cal commit Juhwan-Harris Dyson is all in.

Cal commit Justice Sueing also seems to be all in with Jones.

The same appears to be felt with Australian center Grant Anticevich.

We haven’t heard yet from Jemarl Baker (he’s currently playing in a high school state tournament) or Trevin Knell (who is readying for his Mormon mission and likely won’t be back to play at Cal for two more years), but at least in Baker’s case, Harris-Dyson reaffirming his commitment is a very positive sign, as the two players have a very strong relationship.