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Cal basketball fans, who would you like to be our next coach?

Roundtable time.

Pennsylvania v California

Of some of the names circulated, which is the one you'd like to hear as the next California Golden Bears basketball head coach?

Rob Hwang: Where is Coach K? Pop? Did we call Steve Kerr? Coach Cal at Cal? Pat Riley? I kid. But realistically if what AD Mike Williams said was true when he fired Sonny Dykes, he already has a shortlist as any good AD would do. And if he's going for a guy with the same requirements as he did for Football? Dennis Gates makes the most logical sense. High Upside Assisstant who is one of the best recruiters in the country and knows Cal from playing here for 4 years. On the other end of the spectrum we have a Kelly/Miles choice in the recently fired Tom Crean. Highly doubt we could afford him but that would certainly be a high profile hire with a stellar resume.

thedozen: Dennis Gates, more for sentimental reasons than my direct knowledge of his accomplishments. He was a hard-nosed leader on the floor when I got my first taste of Cal hoops in 2001, and I'd like to see what he can bring to the table. Gates certainly has been involved in recruiting some important players at Florida State.

mpeters_10: I'm on the Dennis Gates bandwagon. He's an ace recruiter and seems to be committed to player development on and off the court. He's a former Cal player and has experience as an assistant at Cal. I feel like he's our best shot at having a guy here who's committed to building something long term. Aside from Gates, I'm intrigued by Theo Robertson, almost entirely because I loved him as a player, though I'm not sure he's ready to make the jump to head coach. You never know until you give someone a chance though.

Berkelium97: Jeff Van Gundy. One can dream...