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Cal WBB earns 9 seed, will face LSU in Waco

Are you shocked? I’m shocked!

Cal was generally seen as the bubbliest of bubble teams, and even getting into the tournament at all was seriously in doubt.

But when the brackets were revealed, Cal was given a 9 seed, implying that they were safely in the tournament, ahead of 8-12 other at-large teams. Go figure?

I’m in no mood to look a gift horse in the mouth. Cal will play 8 seed LSU later this week. ESPN currently lists the game for Saturday, although I’m not sure that’s set in stone.

All games will be held in Waco, Texas. Should Cal advance, they would almost certainly have to face the 1 seed Baylor Bears on their home court. But that’s getting more than a little bit ahead of ourselves.

Fellow Pac-12 teams in the bracket are as follows:

2 seed Oregon State
2 seed Stanford
3 seed Washington
4 seed UCLA
8 seed ASU
9 seed Cal
10 seed Oregon (hahahahaha)

There will be plenty of time to talk about Cal’s hypothetical path in the tournament, and the challenge that LSU presents (on a neutral floor this game is probably a toss up) but for now let’s just enjoy the fact that Cal made the tournament at all, because that was very much in doubt. Go Bears!