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Cal 2017 National Signing Day: Justin Wilcox press conference quotes

Full video available below.

National Signing Day At Cal
Cal Football

Here is a quick summary of Justin Wilcox’s press conference from above. Watch the video above for full clips.

  • On his first few weeks here: “It’s been a couple hectic’s a unique time
  • Early thoughts on the recruiting class: “But we felt like these guys fit the mold for us. We felt some guys could help earlier than later.”
  • On assembling the coaching staff: “In the next few weeks we hope to have all our coaches moved and ready to work.”
  • On the tight end commits Ben Moos and Gavin Reinwald: “We’ll see. Both of those guys have high upside. Moos is more of a Y. Reinwald is more of an H.”
  • On the current roster: “We’re excited about the team. We’re gonna do what’s best for them from a scheme standpoint, from a coaching standpoint.”
  • On not getting more defensive lineman and linebackers: “We’re really more worried about the guys we got. Thankfully the guys we signed fit the mold for us.”
  • On potential additions to the 17-man class: “Can’t speak on guys that haven’t sent in a letter of intent...there’s always room for more. ”
  • On players who can play immediately: The front end players (Early entries Gabe Cherry, Alex Funches, and Kyle Harmon) will be preparing to play right away.
  • On Chase Garbers: “He's a very accurate thrower, he's won, he's a big, physical guy, he has the intangibles. He has the moxie."