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NFL Draft Profiles for Hansen and Webb

As the 2016 NFL Season heads towards its inevitable conclusion in Houston, the 2017 NFL Draft is warming up.

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The team has several scouts on its team that go through the list of prospects and give them preliminary grades. They are in no means the be-all and end-all of NFL scouting grades but they provide a look towards how each player may be graded by NFL teams.

Currently, Cal has two players with grades and info out. Davis Webb and Chad Hansen. Both of them were evaluated by Lance Zierlein. Here are some excepts from the reports, for more check them out on their respective profiles linked throughout the article!

Davis Webb

Davis Webb was evaluated at a 5.3 grade, which in the system means that he is on the low end of the “Backup or eventual starter” range. Zierline concludes that:

System quarterback with more than 65 percent of his attempts coming inside of 10 yards. Webb has enough raw talent to be considered a developmental prospect, but his decision-making and accuracy issues beyond 10 yards is a big red flag that might be tough to overcome in the NFL.

He also asked an AFC Scout who stated the following:

"He obviously is going to need coaching after being in those offenses at Texas Tech and Cal. I think he has enough between the ears to unlearn some of his bad habits and start to get things right. I see another Nick Foles if you give him time to develop." -- AFC area scout

Webb is currently ranked as the 7th QB in the draft, right below Chad “Swag” Kelly.

Chad Hansen

Chad Hansen was given a 5.8 grade, which means that he falls into the middle of the “Could become early NFL starter” category. Zieline writes:

Hansen has good combination of size and speed for the perimeter with an ability to climb over the top of cornerbacks and win the deep ball. He has average separation quickness when asked to work the first two levels, but he has the hands and strength to handle contested catch situations. An ascending prospect in draft circles who should hear his name called on Day 2 (Rounds 2-3) of the daft with a chance to become a WR2.

And he asked an AFC West Scout who said that:

“I’ll bet you he will turn into a hot name during the draft. He’s kind of unassuming when you see him in person, but he’s a really competitive guy who plays bigger and faster than he might test. Coaches are going to love him.” -- West regional scout fr AFC team

Hansen is currently is ranked as the 5th WR in the draft, right below JuJu Smith-Schuster and Isaiah Ford. Hansen is also rated as the 48th top overall prospect by Daniel Jeremiah (who is my favorite evaluator).

Do you think they are underrating our Bears? What they might’ve missed or completely misread about our Bears?