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Michigan TE and De La Salle grad Devin Asiasi looking for West Coast transfer?

Well now.

Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Justin Wilcox made it clear that tight ends would be a big priority of the new regime. Cal landed two impressive late tight end prospects in Ben Moos and Gavin Reinwald.

One local product might be coming available. Michigan Wolverines Devin Asiasi is thinking of transferring back to a West Coast program.

The report said, “Asiasi is in the early process of seeking a transfer to attend school on the back on his native West Coast.”

There are some obvious targets along the West Coast. In his original recruitment, Asiasi had a final five that involved three Pac-12 programs.

  • USC would have to be the favorite if they were looking for a tight end. The Trojans felt like the runner-up to Michigan last time, he has a good relationship with Clay Helton.
  • UCLA is another program that made the cut. The Bruins are really glad at landing big prospects. You just have to figure they’ll be factored.
  • Washington was also in Asiasi’s final five. But it’s still pretty far away from home given that the two Los Angeles schools are probably interested in him. Still, Washington was just in the playoff, so you’d figure if they wanted some tight end depth.

However, Cal does have a few things to offer. For one, it is the most local program you can find (Stanford did not offer Asiasi, making me think there won’t be as much interest there), and Wilcox is already making it a priority to lock down Bay Area programs. Finally, quarterbacks coach Marques Tuiasosopo was a primary recruiter for Asiasi, so the new Cal staff does have a preexisting relationship with Asiasi.

Asiasi played in two games in 2016, caught two passes for 18 yards and a touchdown. He would have three years of eligibility remaining. He was the third best tight end in the 2016 recruiting class and the 12th best California prospect according to 247Sports.