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Poutasi Poutasi lost his mother on Signing Day. Help donate to her funeral Cal family

Thoughts are with you Poutasi.

Poutasi Poutasi

UPDATE: The Poutasi family needs your help. Help donate to funeral costs Cal Family.

More at GoFundMe:

We ask for your support and help as we are trying to raise money for the cost of the funeral of Vaelua Aloaina. Please help as we mourn the loss of loving mother and number 1 supporter of PJ poutasi and ask to keep the poutasi family in your prayers. Anything would help we would deeply appreciate it!

Our thoughts have been extended out to the Poutasi family this week. New 2017 Cal offensive line signee Poutasi Poutasi (who committed just this past weekend) couldn’t enjoy National Signing Day as much as many of the kids around the nation were able to. His mother passed away after a prolonged battle with diabetes.

Poutasi attended a National Signing Day ceremony with his fellow Desert Pines High teammates in Las Vegas. But he would have to leave for the hospital soon thereafter, where his mother Vaelua Poutasi would pass away peacefully.

The entire Desert Pines community stands behind Poutasi. More from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

[Desert Pines coach Tico] Rodriguez said Poutasi returned to school Thursday and was surrounded by the support of his teammates.

“I think he’s leaning on his teammates,” Rodriguez said. “They’re a real close group, especially the senior class. And I think he came to school to be around them to get their positive energy and support.

”He’s very well-loved here at Desert Pines, and I think he just wanted to be with his brothers and get his mind off he situation.”


“He’s just an amazing person,” Rodriguez said. “He has a really strong faith. He’s always been one of the more positive kids on our team. Just to have this tragic experience is tough for our whole community, because we love the kid so much and we hate to see him hurting.”

Poutasi mentioned how much he wished his mother could be able to attend his Signing Day ceremony.

Send your best wishes to Poutasi on Twitter. He needs all the support from the Cal Family you can give him.