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The Pod Is On The Field - [2017.2]

Recapping the class of ‘17, and our Valentine’s Day experiences.

Stanford v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In the latest installment of Nam and Scott’s sporadic football pods, we’re talking 2017 recruiting, the newest staff members (Azzinaro and Ragle), discussing the revamped roster, and taking reader questions about the Taco Bell Dog. Are the Bears going to slide the 9th assistant coach over to defense? Who do we like out of the six Wilcox era recruits?

That and more, in this week’s Pod is on the Field.

When you want to hear our hot takes on Scarlett Johannsen in Ghost in the Shell and find out which literary classic Nam hasn’t read, do so with a Steak Doubledilla and ring the Bell. Taco Bell.