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Cal MBB Press Conference: Rivalry Week

Grant and Cuonzo talk Furd.

Dayton v Stanfurd Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Senior Guard Grant Mullins and Head Coach Cuonzo Martin talk post-Arizona and the ramp up to a key matchup against Stanfurd on Friday. Here are some of the key quotes and the videos of the press conference.

G Grant Mullins:

  • Reid Travis is also just a big problem inside. - Grant Mullins on Furd getting better.
  • *Shrugs* Coach doesnt share that stuff all the time. - Grant on the gameplan at Arizona.
  • At halftime we knew he wasn't going to play the rest of the game - Grant on Charlie.
  • I played Point Guard at Columbia, and also some Combo Guard my last year. I feel comfortable playing either. - Grant on playing PG after Charlie went out.

HC Cuonzo Martin:

  • I think Charlie’s fine. He practiced today and looked good. He should be fine for friday. - Cuonzo on Charlie Moore’s injury.
  • We just thought it was best for the gameplan to have Ivan sit that half. - Cuonzo on Ivan sitting with two fouls and the big man matchup.
  • I felt that some guys had some great games. We just came up short. - Cuonzo Martin on how the rest of the team played.
  • They’ve done a great job with their transition offense. - Cuonzo on Stanfurd’s improvement.
  • Marcus Allen is very quick. We have to keep an eye on where he is. - Cuonzo on Stanfurd and their high rate of steals.
  • He’s got to shot ready. He’s a great shooter, but he also can put the ball on the floor and knock down pull-ups which you saw him do at Arizona. - Cuonzo on Grant and his shooting/play-making.
  • I think Kam’s fine. - Cuonzo on if Kam is 100%.