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Cal MBB Insta-Recap: Cal loses a very winnable game. 62-57.

The first half was ugly. Second half was ugly.

NCAA Basketball: California at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports


The Bears came out fired up on the defensive end, Cuonzo also had the blazer off early. It looked as though the game was going to be a slow going slugfest after all of the early foul calls by the refs, and the game stayed within striking distance for both teams. 8 lead changes and 2 ties, had the score fairly similar, until the Bears imploded offensively down the stretch and was 1 of 5 of their final shots. Ivan Rabb also spent most of the 1st half on the bench after picking up 2 early fouls. Charlie Moore also spent a long period on the bench to end the half. Cal coughed up the ball 6 times in the first half to UA’s 1. Cal shot 42.9% from the field on 21 shot attempts, UA shot 51.9% on 27 shot attempts. Cal limited Arizona’s 3s to just 5 attempts but they knocked down 4, where as the Bears took 13 3’s but only made 5.


With the loss of Charlie Moore, Cal stuck around and in striking distance but could not close the gap to closer than 4. Cal shot 91.7% from the line as a team, the highest this season, but was absolutely horrendous from 3. Cal got their 1st 3 of the second half with under 30 seconds to go. This game was very winnable. This game is going to leave a very big what-if for if Ivan had a better offensive rhythm and with Charlie. It’s going to stay a big what it for me.